Yes he'll do it again! March 21st, Andy will host a 9 hrs special radio program on J-WAVE.

On the national holiday 21st of March from 9am to 5:55pm, Andrea Pompilio along with Maiko Itai, is hosting a special radio program J-WAVE 30th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL ANYTIME FITNESS PRESENTS HEALTHIER PLACE live on Tokyo’s key radio station J-WAVE.

Andrea Pompilio will bring you on air the reports from KEXP Radio Seattle US, a special session by KAN SANO and KAHO NAKAMURA, guest appearance by the film director NAOMI KAWASE, the architect TSUYOSHI TANE, and many other amazing creators and musicians, together with great selection of sounds. Good music only.

Please feel free to send in your words to the program website.

On Air Time:

Tokyo J-WAVE 9:00-17:55
Fukuoka CROSS FM 18:00-20:00
Sapporo NORTH WAVE / Nagoya ZIP FM / Osaka FM802 19:00-21:00
FM IWATE 14:00-14:55
Date FM 21:00-21:55
Fukushima FM 20:00-20:55
FM-NIIGATA 13:00-13:55
FM TOCHIGI 12:00-12:55
FM ISHIKAWA 12:00-12:55
HIROSHIMA FM 12:00-12:55
FM EHIME 21:00-21:55
FM SAGA 12:00-12:55
FM KUMAMOTO 21:00-21:55
FM OKINAWA 21:00-21:55


Andy joins the 2019 SPECIAL OLYMPICS NIPPON Japan Delegation Team Inauguration Ceremony as the MC

2019 SPECIAL OLYMPICS Abu Dhabi World Game is just coming around the corner to be held 14 to 21st of March. On the 7th, right on the day 105 athletes in Japan Team take off for Abu Dhabi, the athletes gather for a ceremony where they express their determination and receive encouragements from the guests in exchange. Andrea Pompilio will serve as the MC for the Japan Delegation Team Inauguration Ceremony together with Rachel Chan.

The Special Olympics World Games are an international sporting competition for athletes with intellectual disabilities, organized by the IOC-recognised Special Olympics organisation.

Anyone interested in joining or supporting this event in Japan, please see the Special Olympics Japan official website.


How to fascinate inbounders of Tokyo? Andy joins discussions at the TCVB workshop.

On Aug 28th, Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau(TCVB) will have the 5th annual meeting and Andy will join the workshop as a guest speaker.

There will be a further discussion as to how to attract international travelers to Tokyo, after Andy making an opening speech at the Bureau’s previous seminar in May.

If interested in joining, please see here for the outline in Japanese, or contact TCVB for inquiries in English.


DESIGN TALKS Plus will start its Japanese version this April.

Apr. 3rd Tue #1 “Icon”
Guest: Kashiwa Sato

Apr. 10th Tue #2 “Harmony in Contrast”
Guest: Sou Fujimoto

Apr. 17th Tue #3 “Design Hunting in Aomori”

Tuesdays 11pm- (JST)
Wednesdays 10:25am (JST) [repeat]
Hosted by Andrea Pompilio and Shaula

On welcoming its 6th year of ongoing NHK WORLD DESIGN TALKS Plus this April, the show will start its Japanese version that brings its selective archives shown in Japanese language on NHK EDUCATIONAL channel.

The original English version of course continues delivering its latest episodes on Thursdays (0:30-/6:30-/13:30-/18:30 UTC) worldwide on NHK WORLD. The latest episode is also available on Video On Demand for 2 weeks after broadcasting.


Mar 21st Andy hosts an almost-9-hrs radio show LIVE on J-WAVE and across Japan.

Tokyo’s key radio station J-WAVE 81.3 FM has announced of a special program 'JFL HOLIDAY SPECIAL ANYTIME FITNESS presents HELLO HEALTHIER PLACE
to be on air 9am-5:55pm JST March 21st 2018. The show is hosted by Andrea Pompilio and Maiko Itai, and Hiroto Nakajima with its core theme ‘healthier place' lots of talks and music with positive vibes to be delivered on your way.

Available for listening all across Japan on JFL radio network : J-WAVE (Tokyo), FM802 (Osaka), ZIP FM (Nagoya), NORTH WAVE (Sapporo), and CROSS FM (Fukuoka). You can also listen on line via radiko website or app.


Interview article up on The Nikkei ’Soredemo Oyako’

Interviewed by The Nikkei, formally known as The Nihon Keizai Shinbun, Japan’s leading financial business paper, the article is now available on the paper’s digital archives.

In the Soredemo Oyako
section of The Nikkei, Andrea Pompilio talks about his memories and influences by his parents.


"otonokioku' - a story on sound memories on NHK Symphony Orchestra website.

Andy wrote a story on “otonokioku -sound memory-” page on the NHK Symphony Orchestra official website.

Some of his sound experiences that are memorable and inspiring are being introduced.


Andrea Pompilio wrote a column on the NHK WORLD website.

The column ‘Eyes Open’ introduces culture and lifestyles of Japan through the eyes of NHK WORLD personalities, and Andy has taken his turn.

As for its theme, Andy picked ’Satoyama’ - a mountain close to a habitat in country side of Japan, and wrote a story based on his actual experience earlier this year. Check out the finds and inspirations Andy encountered in Satoyama here.


Order now - "Kyouno Ryouri Harumi Kurihara’s Bento DVD Vol.2" to be on sale exclusively on Amazon.

The cooking TV show of Harumi Kurihara and Andrea Pompilio, Kyouno Ryouri -Kurihara Harumi no Obento 12 kagetsu (Bento 12 months)-2-disks-DVD Vol.2 will be available exclusively on Amazon on April 14th. .

The footages from 2013 Apr. to 2014 Mar. include some of the most popular Bento recipes of Harumi such as ’Dried Curry Bento’, ‘Atsuage-Don
Bento (fried Tofu Rice Bowl Bento)’, ’Tuna & Egg Sandwich Bento’ and more. The package also includes the 'recipe cards’.

“Kyouno Ryouri -Kurihara Harumi no Obento 12 kagetsu- Vol.2 [DVD]"
OUT on Apr. 14th 2016
Price: 3280 yen (tax inclusive)
inquiries 0120-999-373 (free call in Japan only)



Andrea Pompilio hosts “BENTO EXPO” on NHK WORLD TV.

The BENTO champion to be announced! Andrea Pompilio hosts a special TV program “BENTO EXPO”. The show explores the world of BENTO (lunch box), that has recently become an emerging popular culture around the world.

[Japan Time] Feb 28 Sun 8:10am/2:10pm/7:10pm Feb 29 Mon 2:10am
[UTC] Feb 27 Sat 11:10pm Feb 28 Sun 5:10am/10:10am/5:10pm

*This program is also available on video on demand for a certain period after broadcasting. Monday, 29 February - Monday, 14 March


Andy will join the very first Saitama Triennale 2016.

Japan's Saitama prefecture is hosting a contemporary art triennale for the first time this year. With the theme Envisioning the Future, Saitama Triennale 2016 will take place from Sept 24 to Dec 11 at various locations in Saitama.

Andrea Pompilio will make his appearance as the very first guest speaker at its pre-event’s Relay Talk (3 runs total) on Jan 16th Saturday.

[1st run]
Guest: Andrea Pompilio
Moderator: Takashi Serizawa (Saitama Triennale 2016 director)
Date & Time: Jan 16th 2pm-
Venue: Cocoon City Cocoon2 (3F) Cocoon Hall (Saitama Shintoshin Station East Exit)
Capacity: 100 ppl (free of charge/first-come-first-served)

[2nd and 3rd run] Guest: Yoshihide Otomo, Fumio Nanjo, Aki Hoashi, Chihiro Minato

More details on Relay Talk (in Japanese only)


Lets talk about food. Guest appearance on 4h 55min of live talk show on TVK.

Andrea Pompilio will be on TVK (Television Kanazawa) live from 12 noon to 4:55pm Dec 20th Sunday, for the special program “Asuno-chikyu-to-kodomotachi, LIVE TOGETHER”.

The theme is ‘food’; the world’s hunger starvation, the ‘foodloss’, the new food deals...and more.

MC: Tetsuya Bessho, Ayako Miura
Guests: Agnes Chan, Natsuki Yasuda, Andrea Pompilio
Music guests: Saigenji, Kaname Nemoto (Stardust Revue)


More "Kyouno Ryouri" with Harumi Kurihara on DVD.

Series of NHK cooking TV show that ran for 1 year since April 2014 come packaged once again in DVD as a sequel to the previous "Kyouno Ryouri -Futarino Shumatsu Gohan” which released last year. The set of 2 DVD disks will be exclusively sold on Amazon.co.jp from Dec 3rd.

Andrea Pompilio appears as an MC and as a student to the chef Harumi Kurihara, lots of fun chatting and tactful cooking in Harumi's own kitchen. Includes Harumi's recipes of ‘beef stew’, ‘Gyoza (pan-fried dumplings)’, ‘chocolate brownie’, ’spice chiffon cake’ and many other original recipes that make your shared weekend moments complete.

Buy “Hozonban Zoku Kyouno Ryouri -Futarino Shumatsu Gohan" DVD here.
*delivery starts Dec 3rd 2015.
inquiries 0120-999-373 (free call in Japan only)


Andrea Pompilio navigates “SHIBUYA FASHION WEEK”.

Held in the surrounding area of Shibuya Station, Shibuya’s fashion celebration SHIBUYA FASHION WEEK is returning for its 4th edition, during the period of Oct 10th through the 25th.

On the 25th, the last day of the campaign, Andrea Pompilio will navigate its main fashion show ’SHIBUYA RUNWAY’, that is to be held in street style on Bunkamura Dori.

Fashion show by Japan’s rising creators ’Tokyo New Age’ to Shibuya’s real clothes worn and shown by the clerks on the runway, to the live performance by Maki Nomiya (ex- Pizzicato Five) and much more. Take a look at the fashion culture being exposed from the street of Shibuya. Open to public.


Date & Taime: Oct 25th Sun. 1:30pm- about 30 min of show time

Place: Bunkamura Dori, Shibuya Tokyo (traffic controlled area)

Guests: Maki Nomiya, Andrea Pompilio, and more


Andrea Pompilio shows up in NHK FM “Talking With Matsuodo”.

“Talking With Matsuodo” - a radio program with its scene laid in a fictional bookstore ‘Matsuodo’ welcomes Andrea Pompilio as a guest ‘customer’. In this edition, Takashi Matsuo and Noriko Kato, the Matsuodo ‘owners' step out of the ‘bookstore’ and take a stroll on Kappabashi-Dogugai with Tania Kadokura and Andrea Pompilio. Free yet witty talk it is. Enjoy!

The on air date and time is scheduled on Oct 4th 12:15 noon - 2pm.

However, in some areas the show may cancel due to high school baseball broadcasting.
Matsuodo can still be heard on the NHK internet radio service “Radiru-Radiru” even in those suspended areas.
See the program's official HP for the latest update.