Andrea Pompilio
Born and raised in Tokyo with a Dutch passport, between Italian father and Japanese mother, Andrea Pompilio, also known as Andy, is a 'world citizen'.

Having spent his school days in both an international school in Tokyo and in Rome, Andy acquired the fluent command in English, Japanese, and Italian. It was quite natural for him to start searching for his identity at the early stage of his life then.

With a great interest in the reality of the world, Andy started traveling across the globe as a photo journalist, also experienced various careers such as event productions, and public relations for diverse clients. In 2005 Andy became a radio deejay (or a so called 'navigator') at J-WAVE, a highly acquainted FM station in Tokyo, and ran two notable Saturday 3-hour live shows MODAISTA, and THREE SIXTY for 7 and half years overall.

From 2011 to 2013, Andy hosted 'BS1: EL MUNDO' TV show as an anchor, and now hosts NHK WORLD "DESIGN TALKS", NHK GENERAL "BS Concierge", and NHK EDUCATIONAL "Kyouno Ryouri" -Kurihara Harumi no Futari no Shumatsu gohan- on NHK, Japan's national public broadcaster.

Andy describes himself as a 'filter', helping to connect Japan to the rest of the world.



Every 4hours starting at 10:30am JTS
on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Thursdays

Andrea Pompilio presents a program that reveals the depth and beauty of designs created in Japan.
* Broadcasted worldwide except North Korea, in English language only.
* For viewing in Japan, see NHK WORLD website for online streaming service.

NHK WORLD website
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'Andy's Design Jocky' column
<published bimonthly>

A magazine published bimonthly by Hearst Magazines, that focuses on home decor and design. 'Andy's Design Jocky' features design products, exhibitions, people and inspirations he encounters in daily life.

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NHK GENERAL "BS Concierge" <weekly>
Fri 12:20pm - 12:43pm JST on NHK GENERAL
Fri 4:00pm - 4:23pm JST on NHK BS PREMIUM (repeat)
Fri 5:00pm - 5:23pm JST on NHK BS 1 (repeat)

Andrea Pompilio hosts a weekly show that introduces selected programs shown on NHK BS 1 and BS PREMIUM. The show welcomes an actor and an actress to its studio one day to preview the special NHK drama, and another day could involve musicians, comedians, athletes, or chefs as talk guests to feature highlight of what's being shown on NHK BS on upcoming week. Some pre-rec are open to public.

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-Kurihara Harumi no Futari no Shumatsu gohan- <monthly>
9pm-9:25pm JST every 2ndThu on NHK Educational
10:15am-10:40am every 2ndFri on NHK General (repeat)
11am-11:25am JST following Mon on NHK Educational (repeat)

One of the oldest cooking TV shows that's been showing for more than 50 years on NHK. Andrea Pompilio serves his role as the MC / student to Harumi Kurihara, profoundly known as the most popular 'housewife chef' in Japan.

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