Yes he’ll do it again! March 21st, Andy will host a 9 hrs special radio program on J-WAVE.
On the national holiday 21st of March from 9am to 5:55pm, Andrea Pompilio along with Maiko Itai, is hosting a special radio program J-WAVE 30th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL ANYTIME FITNESS PRESENTS HEALTHIER PLACE live on Tokyo’s key radio station J-WAVE. Andrea Pompilio will bring you on air the...
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Andy joins the 2019 SPECIAL OLYMPICS NIPPON Japan Delegation Team Inauguration Ceremony as the MC
2019 SPECIAL OLYMPICS Abu Dhabi World Game is just coming around the corner to be held 14 to 21st of March. On the 7th, right on the day 105 athletes in Japan Team take off for Abu Dhabi, the athletes gather for a ceremony where they...
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How to fascinate inbounders of Tokyo? Andy joins discussions at the TCVB workshop.
On Aug 28th, Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau(TCVB) will have the 5th annual meeting and Andy will join the workshop as a guest speaker. There will be a further discussion as to how to attract international travelers to Tokyo, after Andy making an opening speech...
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Mar 21st Andy hosts an almost-9-hrs radio show LIVE on J-WAVE and across Japan.
Tokyo’s key radio station J-WAVE 81.3 FM has announced of a special program ‘JFL HOLIDAY SPECIAL ANYTIME FITNESS presents HELLO HEALTHIER PLACE ’ to be on air 9am-5:55pm JST March 21st 2018. The show is hosted by Andrea Pompilio and Maiko Itai, and Hiroto Nakajima with its core...
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DESIGN TALKS Plus will start its Japanese version this April.
Apr. 3rd Tue #1 “Icon” Guest: Kashiwa Sato Apr. 10th Tue #2 “Harmony in Contrast” Guest: Sou Fujimoto Apr. 17th Tue #3 “Design Hunting in Aomori” DESIGN TALKS Plus (JAPANESE VERSION) on NHK EDUCATIONAL Tuesdays 11pm- (JST) Wednesdays 10:25am (JST) Hosted by Andrea Pompilio...
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Interview article up on The Nikkei ’Soredemo Oyako’
Interviewed by The Nikkei, formally known as The Nihon Keizai Shinbun, Japan’s leading financial business paper, the article is now available on the paper’s digital archives. In the Soredemo Oyako section of The Nikkei, Andrea Pompilio talks about his memories and influences by his parents.
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Photo by IKEDA Masanori (YUKAI)