Basque Culinary Center holds the 13th International Board meeting in Tokyo

The Basque Country is a treasure trove of gastronomy and art, straddling both Spain and France.

Based in the gastronomic city of San Sebastian, the Basque Culinary Center (BCC), a university specializing in research on innovation in food and gastronomy established by Mondragon University, will hold the first food gastronomy summit in Japan. The summit will bring together renowned chefs from around the world to seriously discuss how to bring about change in the world through food, including social, environmental, and global warming issues, as well as to judge and present the Basque Culinary World Prize, the culinary world’s Nobel Prize given to chefs in fixed regions who have contributed to the world beyond their cuisine. The Basque Culinary World Prize, the Nobel Prize of the culinary world, will be judged and announced.

I will participate in this meaningful meeting as moderator!

The general public is invited to submit entries through a special website starting on May 24.

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